Ah this is the life!! This is the thought your alaskan malamute has as he settles down to relax on your couch with a box of donuts and a drink. Just then the doorbell rings ,your dog bolts for the door ,standing at the entrance way is your mother-in-law. Your lovely mal lavishes hugs and kisses and finally makes a great leap on her to really show her how she is loved and ,well, your mother-in-law falls backwards with no one behind her to break her fall. Painful situation and not acceptable whatsover. The longer you take to deal with this type of behaviour the more difficult it gets to correct.

It also may seem amusing at first to let your alaskan malamute puppy continuously pull at his lead or begs non stop for a treat or steals food from your dinner plate. It's not nearly so funny if your now full grown alaskan malamute drags you across the park on your belly or steals a dinner guest's steak right from his plate ,maybe even growling as he lunges for it .

Bad behaviour needs to be addressed as soon as it is noticed. Always correct immediatly any misbehaviour . Do it with calm firmness. It is no different than with your child. If you correct in anger you are likely to worsen the situation and what the child will retain most is how mean you are rather than why he or she was getting disciplined . You will have lost the advantage to make the most out f a teaching opportunity.

Correction for a dog is also useless unless given immediately a the moment of the crime. There is no point disciplining a dog 2 hours later for something he may not even recal he did.


You are comming home from work with a few friends. your dog leaps on and then leaps on your guest . One of the guest gets her panty hose ripped and the other gets a tear in her new dress as he knocks her down to the floor. Now your alaskan malamute is a fairly large beast and i am sure that your guest would have been somewhat terrified at the site of some large dog approaching them at great speed and knocking them almost to the floor like bowling pins. To help correct this bad behaviour try bringing up your knee each time he /she attempts to jump on you and say a firm loud "down" or "no" . There is no need to be rough about it ,you don't want to injure your dog. A simple lifting of the knee like a blocking action will suffice. You could also catch your dogs paws as he jumps ,and hold onto them until he stops struggling . No sqeezing is necassary. When all 4 paws are back on the ground ,kneel down beside your dog or stoop and praise it for staying in the down position.

Barking as everyone knows can be a nuisance. If the dog is barking lets say in the middle of the night to warn of intruders , that is a welcome bark . But if your alaskan malamute is howling and barking for an hour at 1 am at blowing wind or after the door bell rang then that's another matter.

Now to correct. Employ the help of a friend , have the friend walk quickly up to the door ,then once the barking starts have your friend pull away queitly. Let your dog bark ,lets say a dozen times or so , then distract it's attention , some trainers will tell you to bang a metal tray or something of the like ,like banging 2 pots or blowing a whistle . A find a water pistor works well also or spray bottle or water hose if handy. Repeat the process everytime your malamute howls or barks . Even if it's 1 am. When your dog has stopped barking ,praise him .
If all else fails get your earplugs and call your trainer in the morning !! These are mild correction tips but a more stubborn situation may need the help of a trainer or further research into other training methods. Not all methods work on all dogs. You must find the one that works for your dog and yourself. You may need to buy several training manuals before you get the one that works for you.


Alaskan malamutes have various poses to display the genral mood they are in just as people do. A dog who is alert will have his tail and ears erect. His body will stand tall. A dog who is bouncy and has his tail wagging is a pretty happy dog . A dog who is fearful will have his tail tucked under between his back legs ,his /her ears will be flattened and he/she may be in a crouched position.

An Aggressive dog will stand as tall as possible with it's head and tail as high as possible also. Even the hair on it's back and neck will be raised so as to make himself look taller ,bigger ,meaner . Other obvious signs our teeth bearing and growling. If all these signs are present , the dog is thinking of attacking.

When a dog is not well it will slouch around as if it has been beat up . His/her eyes will be dropped and his/her head and neck may be lower than usual . Also when a dog is depressed these signs are also present . They may even go off feed . I have seen for myself depressed malamutes almost starve themsekves to death . These were malamutes belonging to others who were having problems which we have discussed at length in other articles on this site.