Fun With Alaskan Malamutes
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There are many fun things you can do with your alaskan malamute. We have listed a few of the exciting pastimes that you may want to explore.


Harness Work

It is one of the most enjoyable times to be in a sled on a bright snow filled, winter day behind a Malamute, or Malamutes, that you own and have trained yourself. The Malamute has a long heritage as a working sled dog behind him, but any dog can be easily taught to pull for pleasure, freighting, or racing.

Above and beyond a proper conformation and good health, the most important attribute of a working Malamute is his attitude. This attitude has a lot to do with his communication with his owner/trainer, and his desire to pull, above all else.

Early training can begin at 6 months or so, which should consist of getting used to the harness and moving small items (like a small block of wood weighing no more than about 5 lbs.) around your yard. Serious training can begin around 1 year, with an increase in the weight pulled and an increase in distance. Also, this is the time to teach the all important commands of “Hike” (move out) and “Whoa”. A single dog should also be taught “Gee” (right) and “Haw” (left), which makes working with him so much easier.

Malamutes also enjoy limited success in racing, and this is due mostly to the conditioning they receive.

Training the sled dog is not difficult, provided you have the time and patience, as well as the proper harness and sled. Harness styles are many and varied, but I prefer the Siwash Freighting type, as they do not restrict the dogs motion in any way and are designed for a low pull that the dog does not get easily tangled in.

Please consult the suggested books for material that may be of value in training the sled dog:

Mush! The Beginners Manual of Sled Dog Training, by Bella Levorsen

Obedience in Harness, by Bob and Jeanne White

Training Sled Dogs, by Frank and Nettie Hall

Novice Sled Dog Training, by Lee and Mel Fishback


  Other Fun Things To Do.....


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