Play is an important part of your alaskan malamute puppies beginning life. Here it learns how to behave appropriately . Playing also gives your puppy a way to let some energy out and allow your him/her to have also a way to let out it's natural God given canine instincts.

Your alaskan malamute puppy should not have a ball or toy that is too small or he/she may swallow it. If you must have a toy that is ,it should only be used sparingly under supervision and only fro training purposes. A Ball the size of a large fist is a good start for larger dogs and for smaller dogs a tennis ball or indian rubber ball will be just fine.

Squeeky toys should always be played under the watchful eye of yours truly ,yourselvesas they may destroy the toy and swallow the squeeker. They will lilkey poop it out but maybe just one time he may not .

Always be aware of the potential danger of young kids being bit either by rough play or by reason of aggression towards a child becuse a dog or pup is toy possessive. A child may be bit by accident also ,the dog thinking it has only the toy in it's mouth during play. It is important to train your children and your new puppy how to play appropriatly with each other and young kids should always ,always be supervised . Under no circumstances should your 2 year old be left alone with a young pup or dog whi is not fully trained a trusted. Never underestimate the potential harm a dog can do under unexpected situations. Always think of your children first.

Rubber dumbells make great fetch toys and are an all around neat toy. Kongs are also a very interesting fun toy . The center of the kong is hollow ,so you can place a treat in the hollow for an extra measure of fun. Kongs come in two black and red and in 3 sizes. I recommend the black kongs as they are stronger. When you get your malamute home you can start with a small kong. In about a month you acb graduate to a medium kong and a few months after that ,when your malamute is about 4 months a big kong will be necessary .

Frisbees are great too and provide a wonderful play exercise for both you and your alaskan malamute.

Another favorite is the rope toy !! I love these for growing puppies. They seem to enjoy these the best in my experience. It 's something about dragging something about . Also a big heavy wool worksock stuffed with a light sponge ball is a favorite too . Just get an old sock ,put a ball in and tie a knot and that's all , now you have a toy on the cheap that will provide hours of fun !! Are not kids like that too !! You can buy them the most fancy expensive toy but it's the carton box that stored your new freezer that they have the most fun with while building forts with it or a stand for a play production ! As for rope toys a small game of tug of war is fun but don't let it get out of hand . This can increase alpha like behaviour ,so i do not recommend at all playing this game with alpha type puppies at all. It is best to not go down that road.