Many alaskan malamutes seem to love the water despite the many who despise even walking by an open puddle. some malamutes in my clan will readily jump in a tub of wtaer . This joy of water can have a mischivious outcome .It's not an unusual thing around here to fill a water bucket to the brim ,only to find it later tipped over and the water spilled everywhere. To actually watch these water malamutes at play is quite comical. some dive head first ,some dive paws first ,and perform a bucket rendition of the doggi paddle . sometimes in the summer I may have to fill that same bucket 3 or 4 times a day .
if you think the lack of a water bucket will deter thes water dogs ,think again . a plain stainless steal water bowl will do just fine also .

You know ,the one you lovingly place on the clean kitchen floor.i have dogs that never break of this habit no matter whatthe deterent. i really don't mind though because it does provide that all important medicine "laughter" ,as i find the whole thing very funny and amusing indeed to watch.

Some alaskan malamutes love to swim and others do not . My first alaskan malamute loved the water but he would only go up to his neck. he could never quite go all out and put his head in and take a swim. On the other hand he produced to brothers that i gave to a friend who were quite the Beach Bums and Sea Doo riders . With their owners they would take a tour both of them on a large Sea Doo and once the craft had stopped would joyfully jump in the river for a swim then swim back to the Sea Doo when they were finnished. even I am not that brave.

There is also the other extreme! i have some malamutes who would rather walk on hot coals than brave a puddle of water . With extreme care they ballerina tip toe either through the puddle or if they are lucky enough to have enoug space , beside it ! No w when i am taking about a puddle am only talking even an inch deep!!! brave souls indeed.

On hot summer days I like to sray my dogs with a water hose to cool them down. some really love it ,jumping up and down tring to catch the streams of water in their mouth . Others scurry about ,tail between their legs trying to find a hiding spot .
If you want your Alaskan Malamute to be a "Water Baby" it is best to expose him to water as soon as he becomes part of the family . Go to the beach ,fill a baby pool ,take him into a pool if you own one,walk through puddles,even take him fishing on your boat. I used to walk along the beach of the pacific ocean almost everday the first year I had my first malamute. That was almost 20 years ago. Time sure flies . It feel like it was was yesterday . We used to play that all famous game "fetch" . you just have to watch out for the dead fish when walking along the waterfronts . Kobuk uswed to love to perfume himself with anything dead or obnoxious that he would come across. He would rub himself all over a dead fish if he would be fortunate enough to come across one. Yes he was a dominant fella a "he dog" . When we returned home i would make him smell good again with perfume and boy did he hate that !.

Most importantly ,go slowly ,and observe your dogs readiness to explore and don't forget to make it fun !!!