Showing your Alaskan Malamute
Lets' begin....

1. Showing

Dog shows can be a lot of fun both in winning and losing, and in the people and excitement of the whole affair.

Training for showing is invaluable for the pup as he will feel more secure if he knows what he is supposed to be doing, and you will be more confident and happier if you are at home in the ring. We all suffer those last minute butterflies, and I do not even think they go with time and practice, but at least they slow down somewhat.

At home your pup can be taught to pose hand stack when he is still a baby (often from 6 weeks on). Remember to keep lessons short, and praise multifold during this training period. Very young puppies often are best trained on a table, and this also helps for later training the dog to stand happily on a table to be groomed. As your dog gets older, he will be more patient, and remain where you have put him for longer periods. Remember patience, practice and praise.

Baiting (having the dog stand naturally in front of you for a bit) is also a useful way of training the dog. At home, remember to always have the dog stand for a treat, and baiting will come naturally. With this method, the dog should be taught to STAY by command, so that once he is correctly placed he can be baited without moving his feet.

There are handling classes sponsored by individuals and Kennel Clubs in your area, and your Veterinarian will usually know about these. They are invaluable for the novice, and well worth the time and money.

Also, there are Sanction Matches and Parlor Shows where you can take your pup (from 3 months on) to practice your hard taught ring lessons, and to learn about show procedures and rules. These shows are run just like the Championship show, and are fun for you and your pup.

If you decide to show your dog, remember good sportsmanship and fun are the name of the game, whether you win or lose. Good Luck!